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A public service message

I was attacked by winter the other day. Last week it was exceedingly (or, perhaps more meteorologically appropriate, bitterly) cold in South Dakota. Despite having January temperatures in the high fifties, last week winter reasserted its existence, plummeting the state … Continue reading

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Journal reader's mind stays in the gutter

My waking ritual each morning is to stumble my way to the kitchen, sleepily pour myslef a bowl of Raison Bran Crunch, and blurrily proceed to read my morning paper, the Rapid City Journal, partly to stay abreast of local, … Continue reading

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Math humor: the uses of fallacy

Here’s something hilarious I read by Paul Dunmore in A Random Walk Through Science.  It was originally published in The New Zealand Mathematics Magazine, 7, 15 (1970). The Uses of Fallacy, by Paul V. Dunmore In the last hundred years or … Continue reading

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This morning I checked out to get an idea of today’s temperature. This is what it told me: It was followed by the statement that Friday is to be “bitterly cold,” a phrase for weather I had never heard … Continue reading

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So just how cold are those South Dakota winters?

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