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Happy i day

SCENE: M.A.A. STUDENT CHAPTER MEETING, sparsely populated by STUDENTS and PROFESSORS.    Student president BEN,  seated at the front of the room, is  inexplicably wearing a faded tee-shirt that reads “COLLEGE MOM.”   TRAVIS, a professor, is  among the group. … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! (That’s 3.14 to youse non-math typeses.) To honor this most famous of the transcendental numbers, I’ve included a number of favorite pi mnemonics for your personal edification. “Pi mnemonics?” you say. “What are such things?” Allow me … Continue reading

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On the proof of the supposed evilness of girls

Abstract In this article, we discuss the classic proof that girls are evil. The author will briefly discuss the origins of the problem and review the classic proof. The author then indicates a mathematical flaw in the argument, invalidating the … Continue reading

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Unleash nerd fury

This morning at work I stopped by the department office to check on any last-minute homework submissions and to say hi to our department secretaries, L and G.   On the front corner of L’s desk sat a small plastic … Continue reading

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Time has stopped dead. On the whole, doubtful.

I try to walk to work whenever I can, partly because the four-mile walk is pretty good exercise, but mostly because it gives me fifty minutes of uninterrupted music.   South Dakota is, surprisingly, not a hotbed of industrial-gothic-EBM counterculture, … Continue reading

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