Happy i day

SCENE: M.A.A. STUDENT CHAPTER MEETING, sparsely populated by STUDENTS and PROFESSORS.    Student president BEN,  seated at the front of the room, is  inexplicably wearing a faded tee-shirt that reads “COLLEGE MOM.”   TRAVIS, a professor, is  among the group.

BEN: I hope everyone had a good Pi Day yesterday.

The  STUDENTS and PROFESSORS murmur assent.

BEN: Any ideas on what we should do for Pi Day next year?

TRAVIS: No, but I would like to propose that we set aside the day after, March 15, to celebrate the square root of minus one.

BEN: March 15?

TRAVIS: Yeah.   I figure we can call it the “i‘s of March.”


The STUDENTS groan collectively.

BEN: Oh man,  that’s terrible.   Just terrible.

TRAVIS: I’m not taking abuse from a guy in a tee-shirt that says COLLEGE MOM.


BEN: Et tu, Brutus?

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