Last week was a strange one for the printed page, as just about everything I read seemed to have a double meaning. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Come again? This headline came out of the Rapid City Journal‘s “Odd News” section.

Well, you can’t argue with that logic…

Good eats. This came out of an article on Rapid City’s Reptile Gardens attraction in June’s issue of Mud Pie, a free parenting magazine. In addition to Methusela, the Garden’s Galapagos tortoise who turns 125 years old this summer, check out these other attractions!

Now that’s some family fun.

Compensate much? Once upon a time, guys competed to have the most powerful car engine, or the biggest paycheck, or the loudest sound system, but the real object they were attempting to measure was at least (somewhat) subtly kept out of the picture. What with all these new thumb-drives, that’s clearly no longer the case:

More than you can with a 3-inch floppy, certainly.

Short bus. This political cartoon by Bob Englehart appeared in the Rapid City Journal after Bush’s speech on banning gay marriage.

It’s not uncommon to see cartoonists portray Bush as a child in a grown-up’s clothes, implying he has a child’s (at best) innocent naivete or (at worst) blanket stupidity. But check out that little red helmet! This is the first cartoon I’ve seen that actually goes so far as to imply that Bush is actually retarded.

Though come to think of it, that would help explain “stra-tee-gery” and “nuke-yular.”

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