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‘One of the places the Queen B and I visited whilst in the primordial land of Florida was the Thomas Edison winter vacation estate, located on the shore of the Caloosahatchee River.   Our guide, who looked remarkably like Edison himself, guided our tour group through the estate, which includes the world’s second largest banyan tree, Edison’s rubber laboratory, and Mina Edison’s botanical garden.

After seeing some of the more exotic plants in the garden, out tour guide took us to the actual vacation house, or rather, houses.   He explained, “Edison’s winter estate actually consists of two houses.   The first house built on the property, which you can see on the left, was designed by Mr. Edison.   The second house, built a year later, is a perfect mirror image copy of the first.”

The tour group nodded knowingly, snapped some pictures, and was about to move on when a woman in the group paused and asked a question that was nagging at her.

“Did Mr. Edison design the second house too?”

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