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Thoughts upon the keyboard

Earlier this morning, I hurriedly sent an  email to my boss  that was supposed to read I have a question that perhaps you can answer, seeing as you are a big shot in the department… after which I noticed the … Continue reading

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One of my favorite things about South Dakota is late spring at dusk. The days are always muggy and hot (of which I am not a fan), while the nights are under constant threat of powerful thunderstorms (of which I … Continue reading

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Joke time (Spring 2006)

Each semester, I offer students a last chance for extra credit by writing their favorite joke or riddle on their crib sheet, with extra credit assigned based purely on how funny I think it is.   Though it’s a little … Continue reading

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Last week was a strange one for the printed page, as just about everything I read seemed to have a double meaning. Here are some of the worst offenders. Come again? This headline came out of the Rapid City Journal‘s … Continue reading

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A trip to the DMV, and other hell-worthy stories

It is appropriate that on today, 6/6/6, I descended to hell. Well, the Department of Motor Vehicles actually, but same diff. I needed to register my car and receive my new-and-improved South Dakota  license plates, now with even more faces … Continue reading

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