Out of the frying pan, into the dishwasher

Karma and I have been having some communication issues lately.

Yesterday, Rapid City was in the middle of a blistering heat wave — just check out the temperature:

Damn hot!

Yes, friends, that reads “109oF.”

After my badmouthing the unbearable heat of Florida, karma has apparently caught up with me.   Hell, karma has actually caught up with and actually run me over.   Me and my dogma.

Karma made it hot and dry.   So much so, actually, that it actually sparked a brush fire on the hills immediately behind Komplexify U.   It was quickly contained by the brave men and women of the fire department, and thankfully no person or building was harmed.   It did, however, make abundantly clear that it was far too hot and dry for me, and so (not having learned my lesson) I complained about it at great length all day.

Fire in the sky

Smoke on the hills

Karma struck back: today  it rained.   All day.   Big wet fat drops, the kind that smack you with a brick when they hit.   By now I’d smarted up and ceased to complain, and instead stood outside and let the rain pummel me in a fit of precipitorial pugilism.   And lo, the rain ceased, and I spied a rainbow.

And not some namby pamby little segment of prismatic color either.   Oh no.   This was a badass double rainbow, with two full semicircular arcs:

Somewhere over the rainbow

Pot of gold?

So, yeah, me an’ karma are kickin’ it tight again.   Word.

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