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Hell is movie people (part 1)

The Queen B and I are standing in line at the local Hollywood Video, the next in line to check out our DVDs.   Behind us in line stands a lone teenager, who might best be described as Norville “Shaggy” … Continue reading

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La crudite

Bonjour, mes amies.   Ave you seen zee new AVON promotion?   Voila: Now, zeez are certainly exotic weemen, but exotic beaches?   Zat  eez so vulgar.

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Paradoxes of the status quo

Yesterday, whilst googling* for tutorials on making Maplets, I ran across a paradox I hadn’t seen since graduate school.   It’s a wonderful little illusion, and it reminded me of several similar versions I’ve seen over the years, which I … Continue reading

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You betcha!

Information copied from the place mat at a local eatery: South Dakota was bought in 1803 from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase.   Its settler’s [sic] had to be hardy to withstand the fierce climate they encountered.   … Continue reading

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To commemorate Independence Day, the SciFi Channel is showing a three-day marathon of classic Twilight Zone episodes from the sixties.   One of the features of my cable service is an “interactive programming guide,” which at the push of a … Continue reading

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