Great Scott! This is heavy!

Back to the futureTen factoids learned while watching the DVD_TV version of Back to the Future on AMC:

1. Michael J. Fox’s middle name, in a paradox of typography, is Andrew.

2. The head of the movie studio wanted to name the movie Spaceman from Pluto, but was shamed out of it by being publicly ridiculed by Steven Spielberg.   (And you thought that guy was all warm and fuzzy on the inside.)

3. Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson have appeared in six movies together, but the only dialogue exchanged between them occurs in Back to the Future, and consists entirely of two words: “Hi.” “Hi.”

4.  When the script was initially offered to different Hollywood studios, every one of them turned it down  for being a confusing time-traveling mess… except for Disney, which turned it down for being a glamorization of incest.     Really.

5.  On screen, Crispen Glover is well-known for taking on quirky roles.   Off screen, he’s well-known for being an asshole.

6. Some people protested Back to the Future as being racist, not for its blatant jingoist stereotyping of Libyans, but instead for suggesting that Chuck Berry’s music was in fact due to a white man (namely, Marty McFly).   Apparently Crispen Glover isn’t the only offscreen asshole associated with this movie.

7. Back to the Future footage, taken out of context, can lead to funny results: witness Brokeback to the Future.

8. Huey Lewis is a nerd.   Dude scored a perfect 800 on his Math SATs.

9. I’ve seen Back to the Future upwards of  109 times, and it never occured to me that a jigawatt was actually a gigawatt mispronounced.   Fortunately I have 5 jigabytes of webspace I can dedicate to correcting this misunderstanding.

10. Back to the Future?  Best.   Time-traveling movie.   Ever.

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