Merry Xmas!

Sorry, sorry, sorry that I haven’t updated the site since I left for China, but it’s been really busy ’round these parts, what with jet lag and final exams and Christmas shopping and… what was that other thing?   Oh that’s right… becoming a dad! Yup, the Ladybug is home!   I plan on filling in the details of her story over the next few days, but in case you haven’t seen her yet, let me introduce the Ladybug as a dancing elf.

I’ve got oodles and oodles of pictures and anecdotes to share, and I promise to get crackin’ on that… well… next, but to hold you over just a tad bit longer, here are two holiday questions for you to ponder.

1. How does a mathematician wish you a merry Christmas?
[ Answer. ]

2. How does an engineer prepare for a merry Christmas?
[ Answer. ]

Happy holidays everyone.   See y’all soon.

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