History repeats itself. Sorta.

Ever since the arrival of the Ladybug, my previous morning routine of lazily reading the weekend ¬†newspaper whilst eating breakfast now occurs about as frequently as the arrival of Halley’s comet. ¬† Nowadays, my weekend mornings consist of waking up to my Ladybug alarm clock and then preventing her from asphyxiating herself by stuffing an entire breakfast banana down her throat in a single bite.

Consequently, it took me a while before I got to read the paper from almost a full month ago, but the front-page, above-the-fold article of the March 3 Rapid City Journal made it all worth it.   The article, in part, reads:

RAPID CITY — The City of Presidents statue of Harry Truman was sheared off its mounting pegs early Friday (March 2) morning when it was hit by a 1999 Ford Taurus driven by a man later charged with drunken driving.

Rapid City police say the car, driven by Jeremy Tarr, 32, of Rapid City, slid into the statue at the corner of Mount Rushmore Road and St. Joseph Street about 1:30 a.m. after Tarr failed to negotiate a northbound turn while being pursued by an officer…

Tarr’s car was totaled, but Truman sustained only a scratched elbow and a gash on the lapel of his coat…

But the best part of the article was the headline:


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