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Veggie tales

My mother-in-law, the Nana B, is busying herself making fruit salad for a get-together. She: Travis, can you pass me that apple-banana?   I want to put some slices in with the strawberry-papaya.   It goes so well with this … Continue reading

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Hawaiian is a remarkable, enduring, and beautiful language. Historically, it began as a proto-Polynesian language that evolved into a unique language spoken by peoples of the Hawaiian archipelago around 1000 AD.  It was established as the official language of Hawaii … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month fifteen

Dear Ladybug, Today you turned fifteen months old. We spent the day celebrating your year-and-a-quarter milestone in your grandparents’ pool in Hawaii. We’ve only been in the state for three days, but you’ve already spent so much time in there … Continue reading

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Father's Day thanks

In honor of my very first Father’s Day, I’d like to say a couple of thank yous to some folks. The Ladybug: Thanks for teaching me the joys of fatherhood. Without you, I wouldn’t be a dad at all! The … Continue reading

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Trip to Hawaii, as described through five PA announcements

Welcome to United Flight 1234 with service from Rapid City to Denver, Colorado. I will now go over some of the safety features of this aircraft, so please remove the safety pamphlet from the seat pocket in front of you … Continue reading

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