Quid pro quo

Me: So what do you have planned for your summer vacation?

Colleague: Not much.   I’m going to do some research while the kids are away at Vacation Bible School.

M: Vacation Bible School?

C: Vacation Bible School.

M: Wow.   That’s two concepts I’d never think to pair together.   It’s like a summertime oxymoron.

C: How about you?   What do you have planned.

M: We’re going to Hawaii for three weeks.

C: Three weeks?   How’d you manage that?

M: My wife’s folks have a condo on the big island, so we’re staying there.

C: Nice.   They’re letting you borrow their condo for three weeks?

M: Well, they’re going to be there too.

C: Aha.   You’re about to spend three weeks stuck on an island with your in-laws.   And you’re giving me grief about vacation?

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