Father's Day thanks

In honor of my very first Father’s Day, I’d like to say a couple of thank yous to some folks.

The Ladybug: Thanks for teaching me the joys of fatherhood. Without you, I wouldn’t be a dad at all!

The Queen B: Thanks for teaching me to be a better parent. You taught me, with infinite patience, to do the many routine tasks needed to care for the Ladybug about which I was completely clueless. You taught me when to relax and when to worry, when to scold and when to hold. You taught me, through everyday of our lives, what it means to be a good dad, because you are a great mom.

My stepdad: Thanks for teaching me to appreciate hard work and application. You taught me to always apply the abstract subjects I learned. You taught me to reach beyond the ivory tower and get dirty. and You taught me what Papa D taught you, that there is no shame in working with your hands. You taught me, through many barbeques, to appreciate the company of friends and family.

My dad: Thanks for teaching me to appreciate art and the esoteric. You taught me to to draw and to study cartoons and comics for their art and their humor. You taught me to wonder at the stars or find patterns in shapes. You taught me, through many evenings spent listening to the Hitchhiker’s Guide Radio Show, the power of imagination and the wonder of off-key humor. And you taught me what I can’t wait to teach the Ladybug: A-B-C-D puppies? L-M-N-O puppies. O-S-A-R puppies… C-M-P?

Thanks, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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