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Bedspread mathematics

Today was a good day: the Ladybug, the Queen B, and I went to the Black Hills Quilters Guild Quilt Show. Yes, I went to a quilt show and liked it. “Quilts?” you say. “Those hideous patchwork blankets made by … Continue reading

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Quid pro quo

Me: So what do you have planned for your summer vacation? Colleague: Not much.   I’m going to do some research while the kids are away at Vacation Bible School. M: Vacation Bible School? C: Vacation Bible School. M: Wow. … Continue reading

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Even the graffiti is nerdy

One of the perks of working at a science and engineering university are the unexpected displays of throwaway cleverness scrawled on the walls.   Let me give you two examples. Spied on a blackboard in a study hall: Which reminds … Continue reading

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