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Newsletter: month eighteen

Dear Ladybug, Yesterday you turned eighteen months old. Eighteen months. One-point-five years old. A year and a half. One-twelfth of a full citizen and a legal adult. I suppose that means that you are no longer a baby, but are … Continue reading

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Class is back in session

It’s the start of another school year, so let’s get some homework assigned. One of the presents I got for Father’s Day this year was a bear-themed perpetual calendar.   If you’ve never seen such a thing before, its a … Continue reading

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5 out of 4 people suck at math

One The Queen B, much to my chagrin, was watching Mindfreak, an obnoxious show about gothy goth magician Chris Angel.   The big illusion for the episode involved Angel racing a motorcycle through one of  three screened doorways, with the … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. Freud

The splash screen of AutoCAD 2008 is shown below. The only immediate conclusion I can draw from this is that  computer-bound civil engineers everywhere are inordinately worried about the size of their, er, piping. Then again, given the nature of … Continue reading

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