5 out of 4 people suck at math


The Queen B, much to my chagrin, was watching Mindfreak, an obnoxious show about gothy goth magician Chris Angel.   The big illusion for the episode involved Angel racing a motorcycle through one of  three screened doorways, with the tension being that Carrot Top was behind one of them and hence, presumably, had a good chance of continuing to survive.   According to Chris Angel:

Carrot Top’s gonna be behind one of these screens.   That means I got a 33% chance of choosing the screen with Carrot Top behind it, and a 66% chance of choosing one of the other two safe screens.

Wow.   Chris Angel is such a good magician, he can actually make the mathematical necessity for percentages to sum to 100% disappear!


An August story in the Albany Times Union called Food prices eat up cash chronicles the  continual increase in the  costs of staple food items and the corresponding increase in the glumness of Americans.   It’s chock full of percentages and statistics, but none are as shocking as the following:

And even worse,  less than half of the nation’s journalists even know what the definition of median income is.


A July letter to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette decries this summer’s unusually early start to Daylight Saving Time.   It’s best if you first just read it.

…Then it’s best if you just go somewhere quiet and cry.

Update! Killjoy.

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