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Boo movies

I always like a good scary movie, and seeing as how it’s Halloween, it seems like a pretty good time to see one. Here are five frighteningly good movies that you haven’t seen to get you sufficiently freaked out for … Continue reading

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Jokes with Einstein

A joke someone sent me for my Math Joke Archive: Newton, Gauss, Einstein and Pascal were playing Hide-and-Seek, and it was Einstein’s turn to count.   As Einstein counted to twenty,  the other three went to hide. Gauss hid himself … Continue reading

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Correspondence, and a bit of reverse mathematical induction

A recent sampling from my University inbox: Good evening Mr. Komplexify. My son booked a plane ticket home for Christmas. But just today I have been informed by him that your Math Dept. has decided across the board, there will … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month nineteen

Dear Ladybug, Yesterday you turned nineteen months old.   Cue the angelic choir music: Or rather, cue the  Banana song! Oh wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Upon rereading your last newsletter, one might erroneously come to the conclusion that … Continue reading

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Two-thirds of a pun

Student: Hey Professor!   Why did the chicken learn to antidifferentiate? Me: I dunno.   Why? Student: Because it was integral to crossing the road. [ Pause. ] Me: I may have to fail you on general principle.

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