Year of the Ladybug

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day  the Ladybug came into our lives.   Today marks the one year anniversary  of the first time we ever held the Ladybug.   Today  marks the one year anniversary of the Queen B getting the best birthday gift she could ever hope for.

Hence, today marks the start of another anniversary: the zeroth anniversary of the asking of the question “This birthday present is nice and all, but remember when you got me a daughter?”

It also means that I am now official one year behind schedule in keeping up the Ladybug Chronicles, which I shall try to rectify forthwith.   If you’re a little behind, you can reread all about the initial part of our trip to China, starting with our stay and Bejing and ending one year ago today, on the day we met the Ladybug.

Part I : Part II : Part III : Part IV : Part V

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