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Industrial evolution

I grew up going to gothic and industrial dance clubs, ever since I was turned onto the sound by Nine Inch Nail’s Pretty Hate Machine. It was at klubs that I heard new cutting edge music and sounds.   It … Continue reading

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From the Rapid City Journal. Truckers roll into Pierre to protests high fuel costs PIERRE — Fewer truck drivers than expected showed up for a rally against high fuel prices on Monday.     An organizer said many decided not … Continue reading

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I am not a particularly devout Christian, where by “devout” I mean “could potentially be confused with a.”   (Truth be told, I subscribe to Laplace’s mindset, who, when questioned by Napolean as to why God was absent from his … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month twenty-five

Dear Ladybug, Yesterday you turned twenty-five months, which means that you you have officially been in the “Terrible Twos” for a full month now. Admittedly, they haven’t been as bad as I feared they’d be, mostly because you’ve made your … Continue reading

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Why did the mathematician name his dog "Epsilon?"

This was from Brown Sharpie, and amused the heck out of me.

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