I am not a particularly devout Christian, where by “devout” I mean “could potentially be confused with a.”   (Truth be told, I subscribe to Laplace’s mindset, who, when questioned by Napolean as to why God was absent from his theory of celestial mechanics, simply replied “Because I have no need of that hypothesis.”)

Nevertheless, while I am not a practicing Catholic,  I still  respect the role of the Pope as the spiritual leader to some one billion people across the planet, and should I be so honored as to sit in attendance as the head of the Holy See spoke (infallibly, as I understand it) on matters of spirituality and meaning and then to meet the man afterwards to share my thoughts on the experience, I can only hope and pray that I come up with something better than “Dude, awesome speech.”

Then again, given the first paragraph, one might note that this last statement is a contradiction in terms, and so in hindsight I merely hope that I come up with something better.

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