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Hair today, gone tomorrow

The Ladybug frequently hangs out with me in the bathroom in the morning to watch me shave, an activity she finds both confusing and amusing.   Whenever I’m finished, she’ll place her hands on my cheeks to feel them and, … Continue reading

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Link o'the week

Calvin and Hobbes complete searchable archive While it doesn’t have the weight, substantial old-world charm as the three-volume complete Calvin and Hobbes box set that the Queen B got me as a gift a while back, this complete searchable on-line … Continue reading

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In the spirit of applying the LOLcat meme to anthropomorphic inanimate objects (for example, this or this or this or this), I humbly submit this abandoned mill from Sioux Falls: Yeah, my lolspeak sucks.   Deal with it.

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Link o'the week

Factor clock You you ever catch yourself looking at the clock and doing quick mental arithmetic on time.   I’m a big fan of looking for sequential patterns and symmetries myself (2:35 — consecutive prime time!   12:48 — geometric … Continue reading

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April fooled

Prof. Y: My students asked me how old I was today.   Can you image the nerve? Me: What did you tell them? Prof. Y: 26. Me: Ah.   Did they buy it? Prof. Y: It’s true. Me: What? On … Continue reading

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