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Link o'the week

Bender Bending Rodriguez Futurama is the most consistently hilarious cartoon.   Ever.   Besides being funny, though, it also has significant mathematical and cryptological content.   One of the best Futurama sites out there is  La Indoblable Pagina de Bender … Continue reading

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Innumeracy revised

Overheard at lunch: I ordered the 10-piece chicken nuggets but they gave me the 6-piece nuggets instead.    I went up  to complain and the guy gave me another 6-piece nugget instead of, like, the 2 pieces I was missing. … Continue reading

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Usually the Ladybug is a sweet little girl, but occasionally she has a major meltdown over some minor little thing. Today it was over not being able to cover the Queen B’s antique china cabinet with Disney Princess stickers.   … Continue reading

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We're gonna need a bigger anecdote

For Memorial Day, the Queen B and I invited our friend S to join the Nana B and the Ladybug for  barbequed hamburgers and chicken.   During dinner, the conversation turned to the winters of yesteryear, degrading very quickly into … Continue reading

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In Xanadu did Kubla Khan…

On Saturday my mother-in-law the Nana B arrived here in South Dakota to visit with her daughter and granddaughter for two weeks or so, and I have been living in crippling fear of it. Part of the reason lies  with … Continue reading

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