Soaring selachimorpha!

The Queen B is watching CSI, and by default, so am I.   It’s an episode called Two and a Half Deaths, a reference to some tasteless sitcom in which Charlie Sheen inserts his genitals into everything with an orifice while his nephew says things like “boobies” and “beater” to a canned laugh track:

She: Are they trying to make this episode funny or something?   They just made a joke about the show CSI on CSI.

Me: Self-referential jokes are just another sign this show’s jumped the shark.

She: CSI‘s jumped the shark?

Me: CSI jumped the shark when the corpses started chatting to each other.   It went downhill fast from there.

She: Hmm.   How do you tell if a show’s jumped the shark?

Me: I dunno.   The fun goes out of it so they try to change the formula to make it relevant again.    They do  lots of off-kilter “high-concept”  episodes.   Characters start to leave.   There’s a lot of obvious references to the show itself in the show.

Character on TV: For me, that’s when the show jumped the shark.

Me: I rest my case.

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