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Link o'the week

Every number has an interesting property I have often heard the story about G. H. Hardy’s meeting with S. Rumanujan at the hospital.   According to Hardy: I remember once going to see him when he was ill at Putney. … Continue reading

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The Queen B’s mother is coming to visit for a few days, so I’m running around the house trying to clean things up for her arrival.   The TV is on as background noise: I’m not actually watching it, but … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month twenty-six

Dear Ladybug, Today you turn twenty-six months old, and you couldn’t be happier about it: Yeah, believe it or not, that is your happy face. Or rather, it’s the face you invariably make when we ask you to look “happy.” … Continue reading

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Excessive candor

The Ladybug and I were in the car, driving to get soda (or, as the Ladybug likes to call it despite my valiant attempts to dissuade her, “pahp.”)   I was  getting a large a Coke, as a reward for … Continue reading

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Link o'the week

On-line stopwatches Whenever I give an exam in class, I run one of these cool flash clocks over the projection screen, since every clock on the Komplexify U campus is either installed upside-down, reversed, or written in ancient Aramaic.   … Continue reading

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