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Joke time (Spring 2008)

Each semester, I offer students a last chance for extra credit by writing their favorite joke or riddle on their crib sheet, with extra credit assigned based purely on how funny I think it is. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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Link o'the week

Some e-cards The Queen B is very big on sending e-cards to people, and while I enjoy receiving them, I find they are in general  overly cutesy and saccharine.   Fortunately, there is a e-card site for the rest of … Continue reading

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Well, they are sized in cups…

Congratulations to the Queen B — today she graduated with her Master’s Degree and got officially hooded.   Yay! The commencement took place this morning at Komplexify U’s rival institution, which, in addition to being a potential conflict-of-interest for a … Continue reading

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Soaring selachimorpha!

The Queen B is watching CSI, and by default, so am I.   It’s an episode called Two and a Half Deaths, a reference to some tasteless sitcom in which Charlie Sheen inserts his genitals into everything with an orifice … Continue reading

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Questions from a liberal arts real analysis final

Question 1: What is the shortest mathematical joke? Let epsilon be less than zero. Question 2: What did the the mathematician say when he let epsilon go to zero? “Whoops! There goes the neighborhood!” Question 3: What did the mathematician … Continue reading

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