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Weird science

Primer is not your average  time travel movie. It’s so confusing, so  convoluted, it virtually requires a second (or even third) viewing to simply decipher it, much less enjoy it.   That being said, I also found it fascinating, and … Continue reading

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Link o'the week

Shaggy Dog Story Archive I love a good joke, and I love a bad pun, so I am particularly fond of “shaggy dog stories” and “feghoots,”  the latter being  good jokes based on a narrative punctuated by an exceptionally  bad … Continue reading

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Prost! Zum Wohl!

One of my friends just returned from two weeks in Germany, a trip taken officially under the auspices of a week-long mathematical conference, but unofficially to drink fantastic beer served glasses roughly the size of a Volkswagon. Cause and effect … Continue reading

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Damn you, Kaufman and Connelly!

I’m taking a week-long class on D2L, which is a “course management system” that the South Dakota regential school system is implementing in place of WebCT.   The seminar is populated by other faculty here at Komplexify U that are … Continue reading

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e-Venn Stephen

Tonight’s episode of The  Colbert Report was awesome. Venn-gence The episode included the following graphic as a justification for why “America is the best, greatest country God has ever given Man on the face of the Earth,” because all topical … Continue reading

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