Prost! Zum Wohl!

One of my friends just returned from two weeks in Germany, a trip taken officially under the auspices of a week-long mathematical conference, but unofficially to drink fantastic beer served glasses roughly the size of a Volkswagon.

Cause and effect

“Those Germans sure have a racket,” she commented on her return.

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, you can buy beer everywhere there — in taverns, in restaurants, in malls, at church, you name it.   Excellent beer in giant glasses.   And cheap, too.”

“How is that a racket?” I asked, thinking that  such a description universally  applied to the concept heaven might cause one to re-evaluate one’s stance on atheism.

She smiled wryly. “Because in Germany, you have to pay to use the toilet.”

1 Bild = 1 Eintausend-Worter

She also sent me a picture of the sign for a  German lingerie shop that translates surprisingly well.

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