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Newsletter: month twenty-seven

Today you turned twenty-seven months old. It’s been a busy month, which you started off by getting sick, coming home from daycare one day with your tongue covered in tiny little blisters.   We took you to the doctor, who … Continue reading

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Father's Day

For Father’s Day, the Ladybug (with her mother’s help, of course) made me a shirt. The front of the shirt is covered with multicolored Ladybug hand prints, which seems to say “my hands are always close to your heart,” while … Continue reading

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Family Ewwww'd

The Queen B was watching Family Feud. Now that show has always been a little naughty for a network game show, what with Richard Dawson playing on-screen tonsil hockey with every female contestant, but this was more than nasty. The … Continue reading

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What's happening?

After the letdown that was Indian Jones and the Panultimate Reason Why George Lucas Should Never be Allowed on a Movie Set Again, the Queen B and I thought we’d give another movie a shot this summer, so we decided … Continue reading

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A silver lining just means there's a storm cloud nearby

The  Queen B takes good care of her car. Actually,  “the Queen B takes good care of her car” is a bit of an understatement,  along the lines of “the Titanic had a slight design flaw” or “Iraq may not … Continue reading

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