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I just watched the Avatar: the Last Airbender series finale.

Well, actually, I watched it yesterday when it premiered on Nickelodeon at 6… and then again when it was broadcast again on Nickelodeon’s west-coast feed at 9… and then again when they played an encore today at 3 pm on Nicktoons… and then again when they replayed it again with limited commercial interruptions.

And in case my opinion of it is unclear from my viewing habits, let me say this:

Best. Finale. Ever.

Sandbending Ba Sing Se was awesome.   The Lion-Turtle was awesome.   Bumi’s reconquest of Omashu was awesome.   The Order of the White Lotus was awesome.   Firebending under Sozin’s Comet was awesome.   The palace Agni Kai was awesome.   Toph’s metalbending airship attack was awesome.   Rocket-powered firebenders were awesome.   Azula’s mental unraveling was scary awesome.   Aang’s actualization as the Avatar was super-awesome.   And the handling of Ozai’s final fate was unexpectedly awesome.

Awesome awesome awesome awesome.

Sadly, though, now that the series has ended — and Nicktoons made that point utterly clear — I am now nagged by  several unanswered questions…

How will the Avatar cycle continue without new airbenders?

Can Aang energybend new benders too?

Will the Air Nomads return?

Where is Zuko’s mother?

What the hell am I gonna watch on TV anymore?

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