Burnin' rubber

Today was the annual Black Hills Duck Race, wherein some fourteen thousand rubber duckies lazily work their way down a mile long stretch of Rapid Creek in the infinitesimal hope that one of them will earn some lucky person a million dollars.   And as usual, no one did.

07-27-08_1424 by komplexify.

However, since the Ladybug purchased five of the rubbery racers, she and I headed out to watch them wade downstream.

07-27-08_1400 by komplexify.

As usual, the race starts with all fourteen thousand ducks being dumped via tractor from an overpass directly into the creek below in a single, somewhat unceremonious sploosh.   Also as usual, the duck race was held on the seemingly hottest day of summer so far.   Connecting these two observations with the faculties of logic with which I have been blessed, I decided that this year I would watch the race start from inside the creek, rather than on either shore.   So the Ladybug and I waded in and watched as fourteen thousand ducks rained down in front of us, covering us with a healthy spray of water and an acute sense of just how stupid standing below fourteen thousand falling ducks actually is.

07-27-08_1417 by komplexify.

In years past I have actually followed the ducks along their hour-long journey down the creek, but since I had the Ladybug in tow, and she has a definite aversion to all things hot and humid, we decided only to follow the vulcanized vultures for the first quarter-mile or so before heading to the air-conditioned comfort of (first) McDonald’s for soda pops and (second) the car as we drove to the finish line.

07-27-08_1414 by komplexify.

There, we plunkered on the shore just downstream of a poster indicating that “The Duck Stops Here!” and waited for the ducks to cross the finish line. When they eventually did, the Ladybug was less disappointed that her duck didn’t come first than more ecstatic that she didn’t need to sit and watch ducks anymore.   Now was the time to play with them.

07-27-08_1515 by komplexify.

Ever wonder what it looks like to pick up fourteen thousand rubber ducks?   This.

07-27-08_1434 by komplexify.

Ever wonder what it looks like to have the Ladybug help pick up fourteen thousand rubber  ducks?   This.

07-27-08_1425 by komplexify.

Ever wonder what it looks like after helping pick up fourteen thousand rubber ducks?   This.

07-27-08_1532 by komplexify.

Happy duck racing, everyone!

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