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Now that's what I call a close encounter!

I’ve never understood the appeal of lighting fireworks. This can be partly explained by the fact that I lived most of my life in California, where the Fourth of July is typically celebrated by the cooking of hamburgers, the imbibing … Continue reading

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Link o'the week

Chronotron Imagine you have a time machine, but its only works sporadically, and at any given time  you can only go back in time to a single, specific moment.   That’s the basic premise of Chronotron, an addictive puzzle game … Continue reading

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I just got my new Tablet PC. Well, a replacement for my old one, anyway.   Somehow I’ve become the guru of effective Tablet PC use in the classroom, a title of dubious distinction that seems to have been conferred … Continue reading

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Not bad… for a human

In 1980, when I was five years old,  I got a xenomorph toy for Christmas. Well, at the time I suppose it would have still been called an Alien, since the “xenomorph” term would be coined until  Aliens six years … Continue reading

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