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Note for the Faynt of heart

(283, 1, ‘2008-08-19 06:23:00’, ‘2008-08-19 06:23:00’, ‘Earthquakes strike with no warning.   You can watch for tornadoes, but they drop from the clouds at with devastating randomness.   Thundering hailstorms give you only minutes of warning before they pummel you … Continue reading

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1 picture = 1 kiloword: Pre-hurricane edition

Could-be Hurricane Fay is coming up from the south, and it’s expected to make landfall sometime in the wee hours tonight near Fort Meyers and hence, by the properties of a metric space, by us as well.   Hence, tonight … Continue reading

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A little whine with dinner

While in Florida visiting the Nana B, I’ve had dinner with a lot of little girls.   Of course with the Ladybug, but also with several of her East Coast friends.   Many of these events have been fun, but … Continue reading

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A picture from yesterday of President Dubya at the Olympics.   As Keith Olbermann quipped, this picture is “the best summary of his presidency, which is: everything looks perfect from his point of view.” My favorite part of this sequence … Continue reading

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Three stories

Last night, our family had dinner with a Florida family who went through the Chinese adoption process around the same time as we did, and went to China to get their little girl Zee just a week or so after … Continue reading

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