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Movies: monster limerick edition, part II

I Am Legend From a plague, the one immune guy Holes himself up in abandoned N.Y. He mixes up cures As he nightly endures Attacks from hostile C.G.I. I like its apocalyptic look ‘n’ feel And Will Smith does each … Continue reading

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Link o'the week

Pundit Kitchen I can haz politcal LOLs? Political funneez… ur doing it pretty well, akshully. More at Pundit Kitchen.

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Anyone who frequents this site and the related kompex plane knows that I attempt, when possible, to correctly attribute authors of poems and anecdotes when I find them.   In continuing with that tradition, reader Rani pointed out that the … Continue reading

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Get rich quick idea

Here’s a quick sketch of the idea that will make me a millionaire…

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Owed two a spelling chequer

I spied this poem on the door of one of my computer science colleague’s office, and decided to include it here, partly because I’ve been in a lyrical mood of late, but mostly because after reading through the first writing … Continue reading

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