The Rapid City Journal recently ran an article about the various dress codes for Halloween costumes at area schools, in particular noting how many schools have eliminated any observance of Halloween on campus at all.   Early on, the article reads

In recent years, Halloween has been transformed from a day for candy and scary costumes to a hot-button religious issue about Halloween’s pagan roots that has caused many schools to replace it with fall celebrations, harvest festivals and pumpkin-painting parties, or ignore it altogether.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.   There’s nothing less pagan than a  seasonal festival celebrating a harvest.

A dumb joke that turned-up in my spam filter:

Q: What has more lives than a cat?

A: A frog.   It croaks every night.

I love stupid math humor… even more when it’s on at prime time.    On the  Colbert Report the other night, Stephen Colbert admitted that the recent economic downturns were effecting even him:

I gave up my $310,000 Veru signature Cobra cellphone.   It’s called the Cobra because when the market drops below 1000, it shoots venom into your neck.   I replaced it with a modest iPhone and spent the $310,000 on my new land line. It’s so fancy.   It’s got all the numbers — zero through nine, plus the number they don’t tell poor people about: threven.

That’s as awesome as eleventeen and thirty-twelve.

Any way, you can watch the video here:

Election Day is right around the corner.   If you missed any of the three presidential debates, how will you make you’re informed decision?

To help, here are all three debates in Cliff Notes form:  conveniently  compressed into two-and-a-half minutes and played simultaneously, revealing how very little was actually said in any of them.   Enjoy!

As John McCain said, “you really have to pay attention to words.”

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? Check here to check.

(The source code is awesome too.)

On a related note, if you’re wondering what the Large Hadron Collider actually is and why it might end the universe as we know (and, dare I say, love) it?

The LHC consists of twenty-seven kilometers of tunnel underground, designed with mind to send protons around.   It’s a circle that passes through Switzerland and France, with sixty nations contributing to scientific advance.   In it, two beams of protons swing ’round, and through the ring they ride ’til in the hearts of the detectors they’re made to collide.   All that energy packed in such a tiny bit of room becomes mass: particles  created from a vacuum!

I know this, ’cause I plagiarized it from a rap song!   With a sample from MC Hawking, no less.

LHC?   Yeah baby, you know me.

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