Monthly Archives: October 2008

Change we didn't see coming

My webhosting service recently added “site traffic” widget that shows me the number of page hits I get here at komplexify and consistently solidifies my belief that I am famous among (at most) tens.   That is, until October 3, … Continue reading

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Sunday song: Finite Simple Group of Order 2

I figured this Sunday I’d give They Might be Giants a rest and instead give a nod to another inspired work of mathematical music, Musical Fruitcake by the acapella Klein-Four Group.   Like anyone who has actually heard of the … Continue reading

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No politics at the dinner table

Given how much is at stake in this upcoming election — which many political analysts have elegantly argued is the very soul of the USA itself — it is  refreshing to see the youth of the nation interested in politics … Continue reading

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While watching Jon Stewart salvage a modicum of humor out of the current utter collapse of free market capitalism, I caught a glimpse of a commercial hawking what it claimed to be the “funnest iPod ever.”   To me,  given … Continue reading

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Exam grade blues

I just finished up the grading of my first Calculus exam for the semester, and it is depressing how very little algebra or trigonometry the students seem to grasp, even though I’ve spent five weeks describing in some detail precisely … Continue reading

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