Politeness fail

The Ladybug owns a single snow jacket.   It’s a heavy green and purple thing with a detachable hood.   It also has an attached scarf with large puff balls at the ends.   The Ladybug likes it a lot and it does an admirable job of keeping her warm, although whenever she wears it she looks a lot like Randy from A Christmas Story.

Unfortunately, the scarf’s puff balls are constantly getting underfoot and tangled in her car seat.

Consider this back story.

The Ladybug and I are making a quick run to the corner Quick-E-Mart.   As we’re leaving, an elderly couple are exiting their vehicle.   They see the Ladybug bundled up in her massive snow jacket and, taken in with  her cuteness, strike up a conversation with her as I get her car seat ready.

“Did you have a good Christmas?” asks the lady.

“Yes,” says the Ladybug as I tangle her seat belt.

“What did Santa Claus bring you?” asks the gentleman.

“Um… A candy cane.   And Disney Princess toys,” replies the Ladybug.

At this point I’m ready to put her into her seat, and seeing this, the elderly couple smiles and waves. “Goodbye, sweetheart,” says the woman.   “It was nice talking to you.”

“It was nice talking to you too,” says the Ladybug, whereupon I scoop her up, deposit her into her seat, and buckle her up.

As I get up, the elderly gentleman smiles at me  and says, “Oh, she’s a wonderful little girl.   Cute, and so polite too.”

I’m about to reply when I’m interrupted by a shout from the Ladybug, who is squirming uncomfortably on her scarf.

Hey dad!   I’m sitting on my balls!   My balls hurt!

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