Movie mayhem

The Queen B and I went to see a matinee showing of  the new remake of  The Day the Earth Stood Still today.   On our way to the box office, we saw a minivan park, and from it emerge a family of four: Mom and Dad, Daughter and Son.

“It’s cool to see a family taking the time to do a group outing like that nowadays,” I commented to the B.

The happy gaggle then marched up to the ticket counter, and bought a single ticket for each of Valkyrie, Australia, The Spirit, and Twilight. The family then dispersed, each going  their own merry way.

“Never mind.”

The Ladybug and I just finished watching Dumbo, which if you haven’t seen it, is a movie whose hero is a baby elephant who discovers it can fly after ending up in a tree after an all night alcoholic bender with a rat.   The movie also  contains pyromaniac clowns, apparent endorsements of slavery and child abuse, racist overtones and, at one point, a menacing biped composed of several eyeless decapitated elephant heads.

Once the movie ended, the Ladybug jumped over, removed the DVD, and put it in its box.   She then quickly replaced it with another DVD that, once loaded, revealed itself to be Monster House, a CGI movie about an ambulatory haunted house that eats people.

“Why are we watching this, Ladybug?” I asked.

“It’s not as scary as Dumbo.”

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