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Newsletter: month thirty-three

Dear Ladybug, Last week you turned thirty-three months old.   Usually I try to time these a day or so after your birthday, but seeing as how so much of this month has been dedicated to some holiday, be it … Continue reading

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The riddle of the elves

Here’s a Christmas puzzle for you.   I’ll post the answer on New Year’s Day. Old Santa’s pack held 30 toys Made by his elfin crew; And though none made the same amount, Each elf made more than two. The … Continue reading

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Zen humor

Susan… It seems like everybody  is named  Susan.   I bet you could go into a crowded room and shout “Susan!” and four people would turn around.   Eight if you count their boyfriends. — from The Delicate Art of … Continue reading

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28 Days (of Christmas) Later

Finals completed, I’ve moved on to the unenviable task of grading them.   It’s a massive stack of paper, and I’m hoping to make some measure of progress today so that I needn’t stay up into the wee hours of … Continue reading

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This does not bode well

A few minutes into the Calculus I final exam I administered earlier tonight… Student: I’ve got a problem. Me: What is it? Student: Um… yeah… I didn’t know we were supposed to bring our computers  for the exam. Me: I’ve … Continue reading

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