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Potty humor

Part of a conversation discussing the logistical difficulties of bring computer parts to schools in remotest Alsaka: “It’s tough gettin’ ’em up near Tractor and that area.   What is it, like, 1500 miles away?” “No, it’s only about 700 … Continue reading

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Call button

Is it a bad omen if a plane’s electrical system glitches out during the flight attendant’s safety demonstration? In other news,  I’ll  be in Anchorage for the rest of the week (assuming the plane works) for the ANSEP conference.   … Continue reading

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Comedy ABCs

A dinner conversation from the other night. The Ladybug: Hey, Daddy!   Do you want to hear something funny? Me: Okay. TL: How do you spell Daddy? Me: D-A-D-D-Y. TL: How do you spell Mommy? Me: M-O-M-M-Y. TL: How do … Continue reading

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Observation inspired by watching the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" with my daughter

Regardless of the particular breed of dog that Pluto might be, given his size relative to that of his owner, I think it’s safe to assume that Mickey is, in fact, a rat.

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Link o'the week

Owing to the historic nature of this week’s Presidential Inauguration, I figured it’d be appropriate to include some presidentially themed links of the week. Obamicon generator Inspired by Shepard Fairley’s iconic red, white, and blue  Obama poster, Paste Magazine has … Continue reading

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