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Owing to the historic nature of this week’s Presidential Inauguration, I figured it’d be appropriate to include some presidentially themed links of the week.

Obamicon generator

Inspired by Shepard Fairley’s iconic red, white, and blue  Obama poster, Paste Magazine has created a nifty page that let’s you create your own Obamicons.   For example, here is a mathematician’s version of the CHANGE and HOPE poster’s:

And here is a Republican’s version of CHANGE:

Have fun.

Inauguration word cloud generator

The New York Times has a pretty slick applet that takes all the presidential inaugural addresses, ranging from George Washington in 1789 to Barack Obama in 2009, and arranges them into a visual word cloud depicting the frequency of certain words, including links to the actual speeches so that these words may be placed in context.   For example, which president does this word cloud depict?

It’s both educational and insightful.

Palin as President

And just in case you forgot who pundits were already touting as a GOP frontrunner in the 2012 election, here’s a look at what might have happened with Sarah Palin as President.   Hurray for Joe the Mauve Sofa.

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