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Apparently Spike TV is going to be showing all of those hideous Star Wars prequels this weekend.   In case you cannot remember how bad they work, you might consider reading the 95 Theses Against the Phantom Menace.

Such things only serve to remind me  of how much fun the original trilogy was.   In that spirit, here are some Star Wars inspired links.

First, here is a one-man, four-part  a cappella rendition of the Star Wars trilogy, using thematic music from a great number of John Williams scores.   Frickin’ awesome.

Next, if that trip down memory lane was insufficient, try this one: a recounting of the events of the Star Wars trilogy, as told by someone who has never seen them.   Hilarious.

Of course, if that’s not the way you remember it, go totally nostalgic with Star Wars ASCIImation, a retelling of the trilogy using nothing but the standard ASCII character set.   Retro.

Finally, how can you tell that the original Star Wars movies kicked serious ass?   Because Darth Vader himself is actually carved as a gargoyle on National Cathedral in Washington D.C.   Really!

May the Force be with you… and your blood-work be free of midichlorians.

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