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Generally speaking, I have an open-door office policy: if my door is open, then I am available for help.   More often than not, the only folks who will turn up at my door are my students seeking help on … Continue reading

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Artsy craftsy

The other day the Ladybug caught me grading calculus quizzes on my tablet computer, and immediately demanded to be allowed to sign her name.   I let her go crazy, and this is what she came up with. I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Hail to the Chief

In honor of the President’s Day holiday, I offer two contributions to the two presidents most associated with the holiday, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. 1. One of the most iconic images of our first president is that of Washington … Continue reading

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When you care enough to send the Venny best

The Ladybug and I were at the store to pick up some milk, and imagine my surprise to find an entire rack of cards with a decidedly mathematical bent.   Among my favorites, we have the following Venn diagram for … Continue reading

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Feeling cranky

Earlier this week the Ladybug had a bout of RSV, which despite sounding like a new breed of gas-guzzling American car, I have  been assured is actually some kind of respiratory infection.   The  good news is that the Ladybug … Continue reading

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