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0 out of 5

A gem from tonight’s grading.

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Perhaps there is a business like snow business…?

A massive blizzard has been descending on the Midwest for the past several days.   Every weatherman has prognosticated road closures and snow drifts and whiteouts.   As the blizzard descended on Sunday night, dumping massive amounts of snow and … Continue reading

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Someday my prince will come

Saturday we celebrated the Ladybug’s birthday with her official birthday party: a princess-themed affair with seven of her friends.   Early on the Queen B had been adamant about hosting the party at home, which she thought would be fun, … Continue reading

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You can tell you’re talking to a group of mathematicians and computer scientists when you follow the statement (made in reference to coding a spell checker based on a dictionary of sixteen million words): By using a binary tree, we … Continue reading

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Revenge of the nerds

We recently had a colloquium presentation from about using genetic algorithms to find efficient and robust ways to encode and decode images, particularly those transmitted in a noisy environment.   As the colloquium organizer, part of my job is to … Continue reading

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