Someday my prince will come

Saturday we celebrated the Ladybug’s birthday with her official birthday party: a princess-themed affair with seven of her friends.   Early on the Queen B had been adamant about hosting the party at home, which she thought would be fun, although to be honest the prospect of infesting my home with eight approximate three-year-olds struck me as slightly less fun than, say, unnecessary endodontic therapy.   In order to the girls occupied, the Queen B spent the week scouring the web for princess-themed activities and games.   On Saturday morning, she organized these into a schedule of events, but once the little girls arrived, the only method by which said schedule was effective at corralling the kids was when it was rolled into a tight tube and used to swat them.

In the end, the little girls decorated princess crowns, made twirly-whirly princess wands, dug up buried jewels that were later strung together to make princess necklaces, and exchanged princess gifts.   They also played a game based on The Princess and the Pea, in which a pea — in this case, a green super-ball — is placed under one of three pillows, and the princesses must determine its location by sitting on the pillows.

To preface the game, the Queen B read the girls the story. “The Queen went to the bedroom,” she read, “took off all the sheets and the mattress, and put a pea on the bed.”

To which one little princess curled up her nose.   “Gross.   The Queen peed on the bed?”

In any event, the little girls — especially the Ladybug — had fun and our house is still standing.   Happy birthday, kiddo.

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