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No business like snow business

A massive blizzard has been descending on the Midwest for the past several days.   Every weatherman has prognosticated road closures and snow drifts and whiteouts.   As the blizzard descended on Sunday night, dumping massive amounts of snow and … Continue reading

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Midwestern weather

According to today’s Local on the 8s from the Weather Channel. Current temperature: 78 degrees. Today’s forecast high: 67 degrees. Blizzard warning is in effect through Tuesday. Gotta love the Plains.

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Newsletter: month thirty-six

Dear Ladybug, On Thursday you turned thirty-six months old. The big “three–oh”… minus the “oh” bit. To celebrate, we surprised you today with a secret trip to that toddler version of paradise on Earth, Chuck E. Cheese. Your first exposure … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

Every few weeks I toy with the idea of dismantling komplexify, mostly because it can be hard to maintain during the school year, which is itself less a consequence of a particularly grueling academic pace than my utter inability to … Continue reading

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Howdy, buckaroos

The Ladybug’s grandparents (and my mom and dad-in-law), Papa and Nana Shoo, recently bought a ranch on some two-thousand-plus acres of land in Wyoming. Last week they headed out to Wyoming, Papa Shoo to survey the property and get a … Continue reading

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