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Newsletter: month thirty-seven

Dear Ladybug, This weekend you turned thirty-seven months old. To celebrate, we took you to the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America (to which Komplexify U, in an example of extremely poor geography, … Continue reading

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Why the Ladybug is getting candy tomorrow for breakfast

On the mantel above our bed is a picture of the Queen B and me taken a decade ago, from a time when I was young and fit, when I had more hair on my head and less bulk on … Continue reading

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A sine of the times, part 1

I’ve a question for the math folks out there: What does sin(x)2 mean, or is it ambiguous notation? I’m taking an informal poll of the internet (or at least, of the six people who actively read this site).   If … Continue reading

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A little too much Line Rider

Another gem of recent grading:

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Hello, kettle. Pot calling.

I was reading yesterday’s Rapid City Journal, and the article Bishops: Alternative therapy ‘superstition’ caught my immediate attention for its utter lack of verbs and, consequently, comprehension.   It begins Defenders of Reiki expressed dismay and disappointment over critics of … Continue reading

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