Live long and prosper by using the Force

It is well known that there are certain topics for which a person can really and truly like only one: Elvis versus the Beatles;   Ginger versus Mary Ann;   Coke versus Pepsi; Jessica Biel versus Jessica Alba; and so on.

And, of course, Star Trek versus Star Wars.

So I thought it was odd when on a recent commercial for the new Star Trek reboot the announcer praises it by saying “It’s this generation’s Star Wars!” since this can only be interpreted as an insult by either type of fan.

For Star Woids,* this asserts that this generation’s Star Wars is, in fact, not “this generation’s Star Wars.”

For Trekkies,   this asserts that the standard by which Star Trek should be measured is Star Wars, which as I understand it, is a heresy punishable by setting phasers to castrate.

* On a related note, while the expression Trekkie is pretty well establish for Star Trek fanboys (it’s even in the Oxford Dictionary, for Pete’s sake!), I wasn’t quite sure what the corresponding term for Star Wars fanboys.   A quick Google search suggested there was no commonly accepted term, although there was one particular response to this query that I found especially amusing:

Q: If Star Trek fans are Trekkies, what are Star Wars fans called.

A: I thought they were called “nerds.”

Clearly a Trekkie.

In the interest of fairness, let’s counterbalance a Star Wars insult with a Star Trek one: bye-bye Enterprise!

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