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Say what?

The Ladybug has blossomed into quite a conversationalist: she’s witty, opinionated, and capable of puns.   Nevertheless, she still has some issues with basic pronunciation, which lead to some confusion from time to time.   Here are two. An evening … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month thirty-eight

Dear Ladybug, On Tuesday you turned thirty-eight months old, and on Friday you celebrated this fact by graduating from pre-school! Well, you “graduated” only in the sense that you wore a mortarboard and were given a coiled sheet of paper … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m famous! …Well, at least referred to.

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I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me well over a minute to solve the following word problem. A train leaves Philadelphia for Denver at noon, traveling at 65 miles per hour.   Two hours later, a train leaves Denver … Continue reading

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Joke time: 3-year-old edition

The Ladybug and I are watching Ni Hao Kai-Lan, a kid’s program with a Chinese bent. This particular episode involves the Chinese Lunar Festival, and the Chinese word-of-the-episode is for traditional pastry served with it, the moon-cake, or yuebing. Over … Continue reading

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