Those who say you can't take it with you have never seen the Queen B pack for vacation

Where have you been?   Are you still alive?   Do I even know you?

These are all very good questions, valued reader, so let me e’splain…

… No, there is too much.

Let me sum up.

The family — the Ladybug, the Queen B, and I — went to Florida for two weeks to be with her family after the passing of Papa B.   Then the extended family — the Ladybug, the Queen B, the Nana B, and I — went to Europe for three weeks, where (among other things) I drank celestial beer from glasses the size of my head, ate french fries with every possible accompanying condiment except ketchup, and threw myself off the top of a 340-foot-tall model of an iron atom.   Upon our return to the States, I then spent most of a week in Oregon for Mathfest, where I organized a tangram-based undergraduate activity and met the mind the behind Division by Zero, who was kind enough to call me a “fellow math blogger” despite all evidence to the contrary.

So, I’ve been busy.

But I’m back, and I’ve got some stories to tell over the next few days.

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